How I Prepared my Body for Pregnancy

A lot of people have been asking me what I did to get pregnant. I write this entry in response to that, though to be honest I feel a bit foolish doing so for I am very much aware that every pregnancy story is different. Nonetheless, I proceed for those who have expressed interest, in the hope that my experiences will be of benefit to some.

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Baby Shower: The First Lilibubs

Now I finally understood why they call it a baby “shower”. The coming of a little one is cause for a community to bestow gifts of love, prayer, and material blessings on an expecting couple and their wonderful miracle, to aid them as they begin the challenging yet fulfilling lifetime journey of parenthood. 

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Sitti Navarro-RamirezComment
Our Miracle Baby - Understanding APAS

Category 1 - no blocking antibodies. Category 2 - thrombophilia. Category 5 - elevated natural killer cells. 

Three out of five applied to us - bam!

Yet still, even with all these, the Lord granted unto us a child. Walang APAS-APAS sa Kanya! <3 Knowing that I have this condition just impressed on me all the more how much of a miracle our Lilibubs is. 

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On Seasons and Transitions

..what matters is that we learn to accept and embrace every lesson in every season, and that we are continually striving to be better versions of ourselves, trying our best to honour God with how we live, while respecting that the passage of time is necessary in the ripening of any given fruit, in this case, the fruit of maturity. 

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Gender Reveal

Our families and closest friends have been with us in praying and waiting for this child, so we thought it would be nice to gather everyone again in this special occasion of finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. :)

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