Hospital Bag Talk - What I Brought and Actually Got to Use for my Emergency C-Section

I finished packing my hospital bag on my 35th week. My mom went through my bag with me, and she shook her head at most of the items I initially put in, haha! Thank God for the wisdom of mothers, I kinda saved myself from bringing items I wouldn’t have been able to use.

I say kinda, because given that my mom helped me trim my bag’s contents, there was STILL a lot of stuff we weren’t able to use, and there were still some items I had to ask our Manang Klim to send over. 

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How I Prepared my Body for Pregnancy

A lot of people have been asking me what I did to get pregnant. I write this entry in response to that, though to be honest I feel a bit foolish doing so for I am very much aware that every pregnancy story is different. Nonetheless, I proceed for those who have expressed interest, in the hope that my experiences will be of benefit to some.

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Baby Shower: The First Lilibubs

Now I finally understood why they call it a baby “shower”. The coming of a little one is cause for a community to bestow gifts of love, prayer, and material blessings on an expecting couple and their wonderful miracle, to aid them as they begin the challenging yet fulfilling lifetime journey of parenthood. 

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