hi, i'm sitti


I've been singing for as long as I can remember. For ten years, the listening public has been accustomed to my music, my first love, via my debut album Cafe Bossa. What most people don't know is, I love to write too! It's something I've rediscovered fairly recently – with the advent of romantic love – and it's my primary reason for creating this site. I do hope my sharing of everyday life and reflections will bring you love and grace, and maybe even some laughs! 


By profession, I’m a pop bossa nova singer based in Manila, Philippines. I do gigs - bars, corporate events, out-of-town and overseas shows, TV appearances, recordings; and in between I'm revelling in newlywed la-la-land, trying to be a good wife, wanting to want to cook, and living in and outside of myself.


Thank you for visiting! Spread the bossa love!