Post-CS / Postpartum: What to Expect

It’s been a month since I delivered our baby via CS. Now is perhaps the perfect time to look back on all that my mind and body have gone through - it most definitely has been one heck of a ride! Being the actual mode of transport in that hilly, bumpy, winding road of pregnancy and childbirth reminds me that my body truly does need ample time to rest and recover.

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Hospital Bag Talk - What I Brought and Actually Got to Use for my Emergency C-Section

I finished packing my hospital bag on my 35th week. My mom went through my bag with me, and she shook her head at most of the items I initially put in, haha! Thank God for the wisdom of mothers, I kinda saved myself from bringing items I wouldn’t have been able to use.

I say kinda, because given that my mom helped me trim my bag’s contents, there was STILL a lot of stuff we weren’t able to use, and there were still some items I had to ask our Manang Klim to send over. 

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Sitti Navarro-RamirezComment
How I Prepared my Body for Pregnancy

A lot of people have been asking me what I did to get pregnant. I write this entry in response to that, though to be honest I feel a bit foolish doing so for I am very much aware that every pregnancy story is different. Nonetheless, I proceed for those who have expressed interest, in the hope that my experiences will be of benefit to some.

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