New Housewife Feels

“The dream is coming true, bubs.”

I uttered these words to Joey the other day. I was happily inhaling the scent of my first ever successfully baked batch of cookies, and admiring the beauty of the fresh stargazers I had just bought from the mall. Rounding up the circle in our dining counter was my favourite fruit trio of apples, oranges, and bananas.

I smile.

Apparently, my idea of a dream home consists of having fresh fruits, fresh flowers, and home-baked cookies. I have unknowingly been cultivating these component desires separately over the years, and when all three were finally together, i felt such a huge dose of quiet satisfaction. You know, the kind that makes you smile a small, contented smile? And I thought, “Wow, what a very housewifey thing to feel!”. And I didn’t really think I would ever call myself that. I didn’t really think I had what it takes to be one, much more to be good at it.

My husband thinks I do. Joey says I am a “natural” at home. We had recently moved to a new ‘halfway’ house (we are planning to build our own next year), and in this one we both feel that we truly have a home. Brand new and never been occupied, the ground floor’s open layout and higher walls allow for more breathing room. The neutral theme is warmer and more cozy. Everyday I find that I am more excited to go home. I even told Joey, “Bubs, buti nlng lumipat tayo. I feel so much happier here.” Ang laking bagay pala talaga na masaya ka sa tirahan mo. Dati kasi ang nasa isip ko, Joey is my home, so wherever he is, I will be happy there. Mas may ikasasaya pa pala ako, hahaha!

Moving day! It was so much fun jointly deciding which will go where. Hehe :)

Moving day! It was so much fun jointly deciding which will go where. Hehe :)

Little nuggets of life I am aware of but that which get more real as time passes. And in the course of almost a month of living here, I’ve really enjoyed setting up our home. We started with changing the lights - they were all harsh white ones, and so we changed some of them into warm white. Next were the curtains - having the rods drilled and making two, three trips to the mall to purchase panels. We had additional roofing and cupboards installed for the service area, and at the moment I am having sofa covers and some more curtains made by a neighbor mananahi. We bought a two-horsepower split-type aircon for our room, and during the installation I kept the three kuyas company as they measured and drilled; I even had to go with them to the nearby hardware store to purchase additional materials. Naging laman ako ng mga home depot for quite a few days, haha, to buy plastic yero, nails, plywood, whathaveyous. I drove home with these materials at the back of Joey’s brother’s pickup at 20kph with our driver riding with the yero. It was all so very gung ho and do-it-yourself, haha. And it was so much fun. :

These beige, blackout curtains for our room. I knew I made the right choice in purchasing them - so warm and comforting.

These beige, blackout curtains for our room. I knew I made the right choice in purchasing them - so warm and comforting.

And oh my I had a grand time tela hunting in Divisoria! After canvassing for cloth in the nearby malls, prices of which would make anyone faint, I knew I had to go to Ilaya St. myself to look for and buy cloth. And wow, what bargains!! P40 per yard of cloth versus P700 in the fabric shops in the mall. Di ka na magdadalawang-isip di ba? And good quality cloths at that. It was just one tiny stretch of street but the quality and price of the cloths sufficed my needs. And to be at the centre of that pounding consumer, kumikitang kabuhayan energy - i just felt so alive and in touch with people. It is a field trip I would do over and over again, no matter how many times people would warn that it isn’t safe there. Never pa naman ako nanakawan dun, thank God. I think you just really have to be mindful of your belongings.

Almost all of these home improvements I had to do on my own, as Joey is very busy running his companies and training for a full Ironman race next year. To me it just felt like I had to do it because no one else will, to Joey I was good at it na pala. It feels good to be appreciated, especially when there were days when it seemed that fixing the house was all I could think about, haha. Next projects would be the shelves for his helmets and a sparse library, an air conditioner for the first floor, the picture frames, mirrors, perhaps a repainting of our bed frame and the living room table. And oh my, oh my, the Christmas tree!! First Christmas together as husband and wife.. wow, wow!! I cannot wait to set it up.. In all of these things I always pray for God’s leading, that little by little we will be able to build a home that speaks of His love and generous provision. God is, and will always be, good; no matter what happens, and despite every untoward thing that happens.  

We truly learn as we go. Early on in our marriage Joey requested that I take over the menu and plan for meals that are healthier. I struggled with it for some time and prayed for grace from God everyday hahaha just to be able to effectively do it without the littlest grumbling. Thank God I feel like i’m getting the hang of it now. And most grateful for our Manang Klim who accommodates my requests. Now every Monday I inform her of the menu for the week and we adjust accordingly for leftovers. My husband may be pihikan, but he is also quite economical in that he doesn’t like food to go to waste. Same as me, haha! I can eat leftovers for however long it takes just to finish them all, hehe.

What I love most about the new house is how the sound resonates in the first floor, such that when Joey and I kid around and we laugh, our laughter reverberates so it kinda seems like the house is laughing with us. I know that seems weird but in my heart, another desire was uncovered and fulfilled - I would love for our house to always resonate with laughter, kind words, and gentle, loving whispers. And prayerfully, next year, may there be a baby boy crying for milk. All in God’s perfect time.

Honestly I feel like this post doesn’t really have direction, haha. I just felt like updating you all on what’s been keeping me busy when not singing. Well, heto ako! Nagpapaka-housewife, haha! And reluctantly enjoying. :p It’s the little things, the little everyday household victories, that are setting up shop and making themselves right at home in my new wife heart. Years from now, in the middle of changing our third-born’s nappies, answering our second-born’s incessant questions and keeping an eye on our eldest as he runs around with his toy airplane, I know I will look back and remember the early days when I would greet Joey with a kiss and a hug as he comes home from work, let him try a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie, and watch as he closes his eyes in yummy rapture. He would then proceed to the dining counter to check what’s for dinner, as he is wont to do, and I would have continued reminiscing -

Ooh. A contraction. My water bag broke.

Hehe :D

Happy Friday, everyone! Cheers!