A Different Voice


Out of the abundance of the heart, his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45.

I have not written much growing up, except for the essays that I had to submit for school, the feature I did in the one and only edition of the school paper for which I was the editor-in-chief of and that I have lost my copy since, and a poem that I wrote for my high school crush which unfortunately, I have lost as well. (This is why my mom is the keeper of all things nostalgic. I had no foresight of memorabilia whatsoever.)

It was in 2005 when I first started writing songs. My first, “Baby I’m In Love”, filtered through my consciousness while my bassist was playing at one of our late night gigs in smoky Stonehouse. The lyrics soon came after and I couldn’t believe I had my very own composition! I have since written nine more and am extremely grateful for the gift of each one, knowing that I couldn’t have written those if not for the inspiration given by our ultimate Creator.

Now, though, with the coming of romantic love that I share and revel in with my husband, it feels as if I’ve been unlocked. Words flow and fly, the accumulation of life experiences tumble through my fingertips all waiting to be told, and my heart just wishes to continually convey its gratitude for all the Lord’s goodness, His faithfulness through all the good and bad, with these stories that I write and willingly share.

I am returning to and giving back to my first love - the written word. In its world I have found so much solace and freedom, through its world I wish to inspire and uplift others as well.

It was in August 2014 when I first uploaded an entry to my tumblr. I wrote about my chubby cheeks, how for so long I have wished that I didn’t have this facial structure because I always looked fat in pictures, and then finding out through my voice teacher that all the hollows of my face fundamentally shape my voice. Ergo, if my face wasn’t shaped as such, then my voice wouldn't sound like it does. I was so blown away by this newfound knowledge that I felt compelled to write and share it with others - to assure each and everyone that we have all been perfectly made.

One tumblr entry led to another. Pretty soon I was writing sporadically, encouraged by fans, family and friends who said I had a gift. Surprisingly, I found that some of my entries were shared even by those who weren't technically followers of my music, particularly those posts that I’ve written of Joey’s and my love story. It was especially heartening when a few women would approach me years later, and tell me how they have read my blog and how it has impacted their lives, how it has led them to their own true loves.

I have found another voice in which I can sing of goodness and laughs and lessons and heartaches. I have found another form of recording, typing down life as it happens to me, preserving memories of good days to counter the bad, recalling the learnings gleaned to prepare for the future. 

Sharing what I can in the hope that it can help others.

From the overflow of emotions and thanksgiving in my heart, this blog is born. 

Welcome, welcome. And thank you for giving me this chance to be heard in a different voice. :)