Best Friends Tell Each Other The Truth Even When It Hurts

Today I woke up to a message from my best friend saying she was sorry, sorry that she didn’t listen to me, sorry that she was stubborn. I replied saying that it’s okay, that sometimes, or even most of the time, there are certain truths that we have to find out for ourselves.

I have known her since Grade 6. We became inseparable at Second Year High School. I have been witness to many of those tears that she shed for her crushes, I was like her second mother in reprimanding her for actions that I thought were wrong. She is the anchor that grounds me and truly knows who I am. She has seen me through my ups and downs, she changed and bathed me  when we both got so drunk one time I puked all over myself.

Every time we are together, we just talk and laugh and talk and laugh. Every time I come home from meeting her, I always think how lucky I am to have a friend like her, and mawalan na ako ng lahat ng kaibigan ko sa mundo, wag lang si Marj.

We’ve never fought, all those years. But recently, we did. I did not approve of the guy she was going out with. In my foolishness I have even resorted to saying harsh things about the guy (forgive me, Lord). I was brutally honest, hoping to make her see that this isn’t the right relationship for her. I hurt her. I got hurt that I hurt her. I asked for her forgiveness. Things got a bit strained for a time after that.

I prayed to the Lord incessantly, asking that He change my heart if this is the guy He has chosen for her. Over and over for many months, I prayed. Eventually, Marj and I didn’t talk about the guy anymore. He became the biggest taboo in our conversations. We would meet, but we could’t openly share like we used to. I’d see in her eyes that there was a lot she wanted to tell me, but couldn’t, and that made me very sad.

But the Lord truly guides us in His mysterious, sometimes circuitous, ways. He revealed the truth about the situation, saving my best friend from a clouded future. I am so happy and grateful. My best friend is strong, she can handle it. She has been through worse, and I will be there for her no matter what, to talk and listen and laugh and reprimand and pray for her, because that’s what best friends do.

Today reminded me to always speak the truth, even and especially when it hurts. That being true and loyal, sometimes it is the best gift we can give our friends.

Marj and I in Baguio, 2011 <3

Marj and I in Baguio, 2011 <3