The Joys of Pregnancy: Unashamed Farting, Lazing About, and the Extra-Caring Husband

Our first ever maternity shoot hahaha! Taken in November last year by the so-called Pregnant Hill, Bohol :D

Our first ever maternity shoot hahaha! Taken in November last year by the so-called Pregnant Hill, Bohol :D

It took a growing fetus in my tummy to unlock my shame. That is, shame in letting all the glorious gases my body has been producing out into the world, particularly directed towards one casualty - my husband - whose noxious wastes, both solid and airborne, I got to exclusively inhale for the past three years. 

Well, now, the tables have indeed been turned, and I must say how much I’ve been enjoying torturing the husband, with half-hearted protests of, “Yung baby yung umuutot hindi ako!” preceded by a sheepish, “Bubs, umutot ako”, then waiting if it’s a silent killer. Afterwards I would fan it towards him, very much like how he does it to me. Yup, I learned from the best!

I used to really keep it all in before. I would wait for the fart to become a burp, or I would stay away as I discreetly let one out. I don’t know, some things in a marriage you’d still like to keep a secret, and I suppose my bathroom habits and their accompanying smells were those. 

Until I got pregnant and unabashedly decided to let that mystery go, especially as my food intake upped and so did my digestive processes. And I must say, it IS one of my joys of pregnancy! 😄

Having the license to be a lazy bed potato is also one. There were days when I would feel guilty over having not done anything productive at all - times when I would say goodbye to the husband as he goes off to work and say hello to him again at the end of the day, still in the jammies I sent him off in. Slob life kung slob life, haha! Pregnancy just really makes me so laaaazy, particularly in the first trimester when all I did was eat and sleep and my attention span was nil. It was really hard to focus on anything at all! 

Now that we’re approaching our 17th week, I still get lazy and sleepy and I’m hungrier than ever, and I still get tired easily. Joey is amazed by how fast my heart beats even when I’m at rest, and I am amazed at how I can go from sated to hungry just by climbing one set of stairs! Our OB put me on a high-protein diet and I’ve been doing my best to eat and I’ve been lying down on my left side to improve circulation to the baby. Everyday I check if my bump is getting bigger, and when it still looks small to me, I wonder where all the food I’ve been eating is going!

Ah, yes, watching your bump get bigger and caressing and talking gently to the babe inside - definitely one of the greatest joys! ❤️

Also, one of the most tender ones is watching the husband’s reactions to seeing our baby’s progress at every doctor’s ultrasound. Parang siya pa yung mas excited sa aming dalawa! His face just fills with so much animated wonder at how fast our Little Bubs has been growing.. and I love how he is present at every checkup, too. Fatherhood has brought out an extra-caring side to him that I haven’t seen before. I look back to how he was during our ligawan days and his attentiveness and care right now is probably times five of that. Pregnancy is indeed an amazing time to revel in how God cares for you through your husband. 😊❤️ Enjoy, my fellow preggy mommies!

Bedtime is also my favourite, when the hubs would lean over my belly and pray for the little one’s good health and protection. I’ve always looked forward to our couple prayer time, but now that there is a special baby blessing, praying together is even more precious than before. ❤️

I started off this piece intending to share funny stories but then ended up being textbook sappy and sentimental. But oh, I just shrug and revert back to finishing my sliced oranges. And then I think of what to eat next, and what to eat after that, and what I’d like to eat tomorrow..

High-protein, of course. 😉